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Watch The Rugby World Cup At Ours

Friday 20th September 2019 - 11:45AM

Watch The Rugby World Cup At Ours

Why not start your day with a sumptuous Bacon sandwich, a pint of Guinness or a pint of real ale whilst watching the action unfold live on our big screen?

Japan v Russia Friday 20th September (11.45am)
England v Tonga on Sunday 22nd September (11.15am)
Open from 10am

Wales v Georgia Monday 23rd September (11.15am)
England v USA on Thursday 26th September (11:45am)
Open from 10am

Scotland v Samoa Monday 30th September (11.15am)
Ireland v Russia Thursday 3rd October (11.15am)
England v Argentina Saturday 5th October (9.00am)
Open from 8am

Wales v Fiji Wednesday 9th October (10.45am)
England v France Saturday 12th October (9.15am)
Open from 8am

Ireland v Samoa Saturday 12th October (11:45am)
Japan v Scotland Sunday 13th October (11:45am)

Quarter Finals

Saturday 19th October 8.15am and 11.15am (1 and 2)
Sunday 20th October 8.15am and 11.15am (3 and 4)

Semi Final

Saturday 26th October (5.00pm)
Sunday 27th October (10.00am)


Saturday 2nd November (10.00am)